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As a business owner you have a lot of responsibility on your plate. At Griggs Accounting & Payroll Services, we provide personalized service in managing your company’s finances. We cater to a variety of different industries, all of which require different accounting skills and expertise. See how we can customize our financial services to fit your unique situation.

Discussing the Numbers

Advisory - Consulting Services

Our firms Advisory - Consulting Services developes findings, conclusions and recommendations that are presented to ours clients for consideration and decision making.

* Outsourced Controller

* Business Consulting

* Human Resource Consulting

* State Tax Audit Representation

* Streamlining Business Processes

* New Business Setup & Licensing

* QuickBooks Training


Management Accounting Services

Management Accounting Services provides a step further than that of bookkeeping.  A value-adding continuous improvement process of planning, designing, measuring, and operating both nonfinancial information systems and financial information systems that guides management action, motivates behavior, supports and creates the cultural values necessary to achieve an organization's strategic, tactical and operating objectives.  Management accounting provides the option to work with your CPA to optimize strategies that would best suit the success of your business growth and goals.

New to Business:  If you are new to business and just starting up and need assistance in registration with the state in which you will be conducting business, obtaining a business license and adding employee's to your business license we can assist with this process.


Accounting Services: 

* Management Accounting

* Bookkeeping

* Financial Reports Analysis

* Cashflow Management

* QuickBooks Cleanup

* QuickBooks Setup

* State Excise Tax Preparation & Filing

* State Compliance Preparation & Filing


 Additional services as needed.

Industries Served:  Agriculture, Cannabis Retail, HOA's, Household Employers, Law Office Trust Accounting, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Restaurants, Retail, Services and Short Term Vacation Rentals Industries.

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Payroll Services

Payroll Services provides payroll processing of hourly, piece-rate and salaried based on your companies pay frequency of monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly and weekly. This service provides the option of employees receiving their paychecks by direct deposit or paper checks.  Included is the remittance of the federal tax deposits after each completion of payroll, preparation and filing of the quarterly reports as well as year end W2's and Form 940.  This service is not limited to only the State of Washington, but also extended to out of state payroll processing.  If this is your business's first time running payroll, we can assist with state registrations as well as register your account with EFTPS to allow for federal tax deposits to be scheduled after the completion of each payroll. Additional services are available upon request. As an example: assistance with the implementation of a time clock system.


Human Resource Consulting

The Human Resource Consulting Service provides an added benefit feature to your payroll processing services.  This service can also help to mitigate the increase to an Employer's tax rates resulting in less expense to your company.  This resource provides L&I Claims Risk Management, OSHA 300 & 300A Compliance, Unemployment Claims Management, PFML Claims Management as well as employee onboarding, employee benefits implementation and organization, job descriptions as well as assist with any Wage & Hour Laws associated with payroll.  Please note it is encouraged to seek the advise of an attorney when in doubt.


State Audit Representation

The State Audit Representation is a service that is provided to help reduce the stress of the business owner.  We represent business's during the following audits and can reduce the amount of penalties and interest that occurs when an audit takes place.  The Audit Representation is provided for the following agencies on a state level and not on an IRS level. The current taxing agency representation is for Labor & Industries, Employment Security and Department of Revenue.  We can also help to abate any IRS penalties related to the Forms 940, 941, 943 & 944.

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